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Why is preservation by desiccation better than a liquid preservative?

Drying the sample eliminates the need for liquid to be added to the sample. This allows for clean, easy collection process without the chance of spilling a solution and shipping is much easier without a tube of liquid, allowing for very flat packages that save money.

Why is a CollectEject Swab better than other swabs?

The cotton head of a CollectEject Swab has the advantage of being highly absorbent compared to other materials, but the layer design instead of a spun cotton enables a complete DNA extraction. The swab head ejects with a plunger.

How are Gentueri products sterilized?

All products manufactured by Gentueri are ethylene oxide sterilized to help ensure that they are also DNA free.

Is Gentueri environmentally friendly?

We are proud to say we have been able to satisfy customer concerns and make our products mostly of paper and the reduced use of plastic is environmentally friendly.

Can I customize my GenPreserve Kit?

Yes, Gentueri has printing capabilities and can help you design and delivery a kit with your own design and configuration.

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