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Other Speciman Collection Cards

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GenSaver™ 2.0

GenSaver™ 2.0 specimen collection cards are specifically designed for collection and transport of microvolumes of biological samples and long-term preservation of DNA at ambient temperature. DNA preserved on GenSaver™ 2.0 can be used even after 22 years of ambient storage to generate high quality STR and Next Generation Sequencing data.


GenReleaz™ and GenReleaz™ Color specimen collection cards facilitate rapid elution of nucleic acids and make DNA ready for downstream analyses in less than 30 minutes with a simple elution protocol.


AutoCollect™ cards for high-throughput environments work efficiently in both DBS punch and direct elution. The cassette format of the card with high stiffness provides a suitable fit with main laboratory automated equipment available on the market, allowing reliable DBS card processing, from detection of dried blood spot to the preparation of samples ready for LC/MS analysis.

BioSample cards

BioSample cards are made of white and pure absorbent fibers and contain no wet-strength additives or chemicals. They ensure reproducible collection and minimize possible interferences for reliable analysis of targeted analytes like small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids or vitamines.

HemaSep - new!

HemaSep is a rapid, easy to use and cost-effective device to achieve high yield and purity of plasma from whole blood. The large area for sample collection significantly contributes to results reliability and the fiber-based material saves time by allowing sample preparation at the site of the blood draw.