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GenSpin™ Basket

Collect an oral sample in one minute with maximum absorption and extraction.

Extract over 95% of your sample when paired with our CollectEject layered cotton swabs.
  • Fits most microcentrifuge tubes
  • Contoured design recovers over 95% of sample
  • Isolates large fragment sizes of DNA
Cat. No. Quantity
G-1102-100 100 per package
GenSpin™ Basket is a basket designed to work in a microcentrifuge tube to separate your sample from solid materials like swabs, small evidence or cotton balls. The design of the GenSpin Basket has a contoured bottom that directs all the sample to four large weak areas at the bottom edge of the spin basket. Over 95% of the solution added to the CollectEject Swab is separated from the swab. Additionally, the GenSpin Basket bottom breaks open at a low speed. The slow speed and large openings allow for much larger fragments of DNA to be isolated.

The GenSpin Basket is used for separating small volumes of fluids from collection swabs, such as the Gentueri CollectEject™ Oral, Large Oral, Touch DNA and Blade Swabs. Typical DNA applications include genetic, forensic, human identity, animal diagnostic and environmental DNA testing. The spin baskets are ideal for pre-analytical cell lysis and DNA extraction methods for Next-Gen and Sanger Sequencing, STR and qPCR protocols. The GenSpin Basket design features a contoured bottom which directs 95% of the sample through the large openings during centrifugation. This, coupled with the ability to be spun at a lower speed than current spin baskets allows for the isolation of large fragment sizes of DNA.

  1. Assemble a GenSpin Basket into a standard 2.0mL centrifuge tube with hinged cap (not provided).
  2. Collect a CollectEject™ Swab sample according to collection instructions.
  3. Eject the CollectEject™ sample tip into a GenSpin Basket.
  4. Add lysis buffer to the GenSpin Basket, close the tube and incubate according to your established protocols to lyse the cells. We recommend 300 μL lysis buffer for optimum DNA results.
  5. After lysis incubation, centrifuge the GenSpin Basket/microcentrifuge tube assembly for 2 minutes at 1,000 rpm.
  6. Remove the GenSpin Basket with swab tip and discard
  7. Process the flow through lysate from the bottom of microcentrifuge tube according to your established