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GenPreserve™ Sample Collection Kits

GenPreserve kits include everything needed for an oral sample collection.
  • Includes everything needed for sample collection
  • All materials are bar-coded for sample tracking
  • Illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions
Name Cat. No. Quantity
GenPreserve CollectEject Large Oral Swab Kit K-2500-000 50 / box
GenPreserve CollectEject Oral Swab Kit K-2510-000 50 / box
GenPreserve GenSwab Kit K-7500-000 50 / box

All GenPreserve kits include a swab for sample collection, a GenDry for preserving the sample, a return pouch, and an instruction sheet. The kit is designed for simple transport in a thin cardboard mailer.

Ask us about customizing your kit!