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Collect an oral sample in one minute with maximum absorption and extraction.

Organize your GenSwab specimen cards for long term storage at room temperature.
  • Holds up to 180 specimen cards
  • Individual slots for each card
  • Front orientation optimized for shelf storage and sample retrieval
Cat. No. Quantity
K-7010-000 10 / pack
The GenKeep™ is designed to store specimen cards suitable for semi-automated punching in controlled indoor environments. It features a breathable cardboard design, and can hold up to 180 cards in discrete slots. The front opening and orientation maximizes shelf space and allows for easy retrieval of samples.

Product Details

Designed to organize GenSwab specimen cards while maximizing shelf space, the GenKeep is the ideal solution for long-term sample storage in controlled climates. The cardboard box allows for passive desiccation in air conditioned indoor spaces and corrugated walls keep specimen cards separated from one another throughout storage. The GenKeep is optimized to make the most of the standard shelf, with a front-oriented deep design for full visibility of all box labels and easy sample retrieval when needed.


12 in. D x 9 in. W x 4 in. H. Holds 180 specimen cards designed for semi-automated punching.