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GenDry™ Pouches

Designed to preserve biological samples from the point of collection to the laboratory.
  • One clear side for direct barcode visualization throughout transport
  • Zip seal for easy closure
  • Comes with desiccant for immediate sample preservation
Name Cat. No. Quantity
GenDry CE G-2501-100 100 / pack
GenDry GS G-7501-100 100 / pack
GenDry™ Pouches area foil pouch that comes sealed with a desiccant packet and features one transparent side. This allows barcodes on the sample to remain visible, ensuring tracking accuracy. Zip seal design simplifies resealing of the pouch after sample insertion. There are two versions, one for CollectEject (CE) swabs and one for GenSwabs (GS).

Desiccation has always been at the heart of Gentueri’s preservation solutions to achieve the best possible sample quality. GenDry Pouches represent the newest generation of this technology by delivering a completely streamlined sample collection and preservation experience that consistently delivers high quality samples to the laboratory. A built-in desiccant and zip-resealing design simplify the collection and preservation processes, and a clear side allows for perpetual visibility of the sample, eliminating the need for a second outer barcode.

Open the wrapper and place the collected sample inside. Tear open the GenDry, using the notch above the zip seal. Open the zip and place the wrapped sample inside. Then, reseal the zip closure.