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CollectEject™ Touch DNA Swab

Collect a touch DNA sample with maximum absorption and extraction.
  • Layered cotton absorbs and extracts well
  • Ejectable head simplifies sample transfer
  • Designed for touch DNA sample collection
Cat. No. Quantity
G-2070-100 100 / box
G-2070-CS1000 1000 / case
The sterile CollectEject Touch DNA Swab with an ejectable head has a multilayer cellulose head for maximum absorption and extraction of DNA. This design provides a simple open, swab and reinsert collection protocol. The lightweight and preservation by desiccation (drying) make it lightweight and easy to ship to the laboratory for processing.

The CollectEject Touch DNA Swab is designed to maximize the collection and extraction of a touch DNA sample. Cotton has proven to be the most absorbent material for sample collection, but most cotton swabs are spun and therefore trap the sample and are difficult to extract the sample. The layered cotton design of the CollectEject Touch DNA Swab opens up as the wet cotton expands. The open layers of the swab collect well on porous or non-porous surface with a dabbing action rather than scrubbing. Placing the CollectEject Touch DNA Swab back into the wrapper and then into a GenDry™ Pouch, will dry the sample while the layers are still in the open position. This expedites the drying and most extraction protocols to fully extract the sample from the swab.

The wrapper has an arrow that reads “peel here” indicating where to open the wrapper by peeling apart the layers about three quarters of the way down where there are arrows saying “Peel to here”. Remove the CollectEject Touch DNA Swab by holding the white portion of the handle. Be sure not to hold the green section on the end. Save the wrapper. We recommend a wet/dry collection using a CollectEject Touch DNA Swab with a drop of sterile water followed by a dry swab. After wetting the swab, place it onto the surface you want to collect the sample. Use a more dapping approach rather than a scrubbing approach. Going in a circular motion is also recommended. If the surface is not flat, be sure to follow the contour of the surface. Please the swab back in its original wrapper and place the wrapped swab into a GenDry™ Pouch for transport to the lab for processing and repeat using a second dry CollectEject Touch DNA Swab.

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