Our kit improves your sample collection process

Drying samples collected from victims of sexual assault has proven to be an effective way to preserve samples at room temperature. Kits designed to collect samples from victims of sexual assault use swab drying racks, and when samples are thought to be dry, they are transferred into swab boxes that are provided flat in the kit.

However, using drying racks exposes samples for long periods of time, requires additional manipulation and can lead to sample mix-up since swabs are not directly labeled and could be put into the wrong location in the rack. It is also difficult to determine when a sample is completely dry, so flat swab boxes need to be formed in order to place the dried swab inside to allow additional drying if needed.

We have developed a sexual assault collection kit that dries samples in a controlled fashion so samples are not exposed when they are wet, require less manipulation and are immediately put into labeled envelopes to minimize the potential of sample mix-up. Since samples are actively desiccated after collection, swab boxes are also eliminated, saving a lot of time in packaging up samples and unpacking them in the laboratory.


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1. Open kit and read instructions

2. Remove contents of first envelope

3. Collect sample with swab from envelope

4. Place swab in drying rack

5. After drying, form a swab box

6. Complete info on swab box and place dried swab in box

7. Place swab box with sample back into first envelope

8. Seal first and continue to next step




1. Open kit and read instructions

2. Remove swab and collect sample

3. Place swab back into original pouch

4. Place pouch with wet swab into first envelope

5. Seal first envelope and continue to next step

The benefits of this streamlined process include:
  • Immediate packaging of samples without the need to pre-dry samples
  • Eliminates the need for swab boxes to ensure samples are dry
  • Reduces the size of the kit so less storage area is required in the property room
  • Reduces the amount of manipulation required during collection and processing to minimize potential sample mix-up or sample labeling.
  • Save cost in shipping samples to the laboratory


Minimize sample handling, expedite the drying process

The unique design of the Gentueri Sexual Assault kit allows users to put the swabs back into the original swab pouch after collection. The sample is then immediately placed in a labeled paper envelop before the sample is dried to minimize sample handling. This ensures the sample is identified immediately after collection and is in an envelope that identifies the sample until it is processed.

Once all the samples have been collected, the envelopes with the wet swabs are placed back into the kit box, and the foil pouch that contains a desiccant packet is opened. The foil pouch is discarded and the desiccant packet is placed back into the spot designed to optimize the drying of the wet swabs. Swabs are quickly dried to ensure the best possible preservation of the samples. The coated kit box is designed to expedite the drying and protects samples in a more controlled environment that preserves samples well at room temperature.