BSD Punches

BSD Sample Media Punchers are computer controlled instruments used for 96 well microplate test preparation from Dried Blood Spot (DBS), Buccal DNA collectors and other biomaterials in life science laboratories. They deliver automatic sample tracking, fast and accurate sample punching and have an established reputation for quality and reliability in modern automated laboratories around the world.

BSD punchers are designed to work with our specimen cards for semi-automated sampling into 96 well plates for processing. Printable Information Sheet

BSC Ascent puncher

BSD Ascent (new!)

The BSD 600 Ascent has an integrated touchscreen tablet with new software. The new plate camera verifies discs are placed correctly in the wells. The easy-to-remove dual punch head can punch multiple discs. Better static control systems and light guides help punch multiple disks with precision using pre-defined patterns. Please contact us for a brochure with updated information.

BSD Duet puncher

BSD 600 Duet

The BSD600 DUET is a two plate, second generation BSD puncher with over a decade of field proven reliability. It has a full feature set including a humidifier system for static mitigation, disk detector system to monitor punching operation, and a barcode reader for sample tracking and output file tracking, light targeting and pattern punching. Optional auto trigger punch activation and dust extraction system are available.

BSD Plus puncher

BSD 600 Plus

The BSD600PLUS is a compact and reliable means to process samples with a wide range of punching scenarios. A dual combination of punch sizes allows multiple samples to be quickly removed from each blood or saliva spot with ease, repeatability and reliability.

The BSD600PLUS is a Series 3 instrument with a full feature set for higher throughput and flexible test sequences. Series 3 improvements include ergonomics, ease of maintenance, reduced weight and USB connectivity.

Compatible with standard or deep well 96 well plates or tubes.