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We are offering free samples of all of our products including the Gentueri Oral Collection kits (Cat.No. 5000-000). The Gentueri Oral Collection Kit is designed to collect a saliva/buccal(cheek) cell sample from anyone. It takes only a few minutes to collect a sample, eject it into our patented SwabSaver® and ship it to the lab for processing. Our unique design allows laboratories to isolate the DNA in the SwabSaver® in just a couple of hours. The SwabSaver® is designed to fit most laboratory instruments, so the DNA solution in the SwabSaver® can be processed without transferring your sample.

Free samples are available for other products. Please call our Customer Care Department at 608-838-1640 or email us to arrange for samples of other products to be sent.


Gentueri Buccal Collection Kit

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