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Forensic Testing

Gentueri™ leadership has over 29 years’ experience in DNA Forensics and has helped to launch many of the DNA collection devices used today. Today we are building on the collection kits and products that have been used for decades. Our innovative new products include our patented SwabSaver® designed to preserve samples at room temperature from the point of collection through processing. The SwabSaver can be used with our SimpleSwabTM for simple collection of various samples from touch DNA evidence to reference samples. We can also customize various Evidence Collection kits that includes our SwabSaver with a Swab Breaker so any type of swab can be used for collection.

We are launching our new Gentueri Sexual Assault Collection Kit. Our unique design dries samples in a controlled fashion so samples are not exposed by pre-drying them. Our kit eliminates the need for swab boxes and is a smaller kit to save space and shipping costs.

Our Specimen Card Storage Box can store 176 cards in a 12” x 9” x 4” box. Each card is kept separated in case cards are not completely dry. The boxes are easily bar-coded or labeled for inventory management of specimen cards.

The specimen cards can be samples punched using the BSD Punchers for semi-automated punching.

Genetic Testing

Experts at Gentueri have developed biological sample collection kits and devices for non-invasive, remote sample collection for 30 years. Our kits and devices have evolved from working with crime laboratories to providing easy-to-use kits that preserve DNA in samples at room temperature for years. We now offer our expertise to genetic testing laboratories looking for non-invasive sample collection kits and devices that preserve samples at room temperature and integrate into laboratory processing.

Gentueri provides customer-friendly collection kits like our Gentueri Oral Collection Kit that preserves samples at room temperature without any messy liquids. The samples are easily processed in a few hours following standard methods. We also provide Specimen Cards that can be used for blood or saliva collection. These cards readily dry on the way to the laboratory in a paper envelope. We provide plain 705 Cards as well as coated cards like our PRESERVE Cards specifically designed to preserve DNA for decades at room temperature. All of our cards come in a number of formats depending on the amount of sample needed and if you are manually processing samples or are using automation for sampling. Samples can be taken from the cards with manual punches or using BSD Punchers depending on the volume of samples you process.

Our patented SwabSaver® is the first product available that can receive most collection swabs and preserve them at room temperature and then integrate into laboratory processing without ever transferring the sample.

We offer a number of swabs like our SimpleSwabTM that ejects the sample after collection.

Gentueri sample collection kits and devices are the most customer-friendly products available and integrate well into laboratory processing for a most efficient workflow from collection to results.

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